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a police officer is under review after a suspect gets violent and that officer was forced to shoot. individuals -- a vigil for  mother and her two sons killed in a fire. why these students are having this controversial sale. good morning to you, maryland, i'm charley crowson. it was raining. you can see right there, there's
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some fog and mist on the eastern shore. needless to say what we were watching about two hours ago seemingly has fallen apart but still the roads are damp. there may have spray kicked up. 300 of an inch,. temperatures are not upper 60s right now, officially 69 in baltimore. our forecast takes us from near 70 from drizzle and road spray, a few breaks of sun gets us up to 79. roads are still a little bit damp. our overnight roadwork is done. it's back open at marriottsville. let's take a live look at our road. this is 95 southbound at 32. light traffic is building. no problems reported northbound.
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895 at the harbor tunnel. this is the north end. all that traffic is southbound. no pins dents on your -- no incidents on your way. baltimore police are involving an officer-involved shooting. when cops got to the home on berkshire road in dundalk, they found a man threatening to kill himself with a knife. police tried to talk him down but instead, he tried to attack the officers. he was taken to bayview. teammates, family and friends are suffering the loss of two boys who were killed along with their mother. >> reporter: over the weekend
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firefighters returned to the scene of the southwest baltimore neighborhood where three people died on thursday while friends of the victims returned to the football field. there will be a vigil for 7-year-old jaquis, 11-year-old tyquis and their mother michelle manigo. the teammates said their friends are with them. there is a financed set up and you can donate through the arbutus branch. the vigil will be held at 7:30 and hundreds are expected to attend. police are investigated after fiving five bodies in two homes in franklin, indiana. a young boy was discovered walking along the road. the bodies of two men and two women were found.
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it appears all died from gunshot wounds. a campus back sale back fired. campus republicans are getting threats. the sale features a sliding scale where the price of the cookie or brownie depends on your skin color or gender. women are getting a discount. organizers say this is in respond to pending legislation that with make california university consider race or national origin during the admission process. >> we didn't expect threats to be made to the organizers of the event to burning down the table to throwing our baked foods. >> they will go ahead and have
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smetd their controversial pricing structure. they said it's to prove a bitter point. diana nyad tried again for the record-breaking swim. this time it was a jellyfish that stopped her. she arrived in key west where her face was swollen from the sting. she had no choice but to call it off after medics warned her that another sting could kill her. most of us take pride in our dog who will sit or stay on command. imagine the bragging rights these owners have where the dogs are hanging 10. in one choir in new jersey, parishioners were given money from the collection plate.
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time top -- to hang 10. it was the third annual and it's serious business as dogs come in all shapes and sizes. one for the longest wave ridden by a dog and the other for the most dogs on a single board. nearly 40 degrees come -- dogs competed. this whole thing went to the dogs. we were showing you some rain on maryland's most powerful radar. just looking at cloudy skies. let mow get out of the way and show you a shot. let's talk about tracyally disan der -- tracy alexander,
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crickets. we take a look at owings mills. it starts, so we have to show you a parking lot shot. it was dry at midnight. that parking lot got damp. even though the rain may not be falling, it does appear to make the roads damp. just a little bit of rain. most of our temperatures in the upper 60s. drizzle or road spray. back to 79 but a few breaks of sun. here's traffic. >> be careful. slow down. all of our overnight roadwork is gone. it is now back open. that accident investigation is now over. let's take a live look at our traffic camera. this is the beltway near
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court road. no incidents in your way at this time. because of the light traffic, our drive times are doing well. five minutes, six minutes traveling from whitemarsh. traveling the outer loop, six minutes. in anne arundel county, 97 north of benfield things are moving. but there is an overturned vehicle on the northbound side of i-95. so be careful going through there. members of a new jersey church didn't drop money in the the collection but took it. the pastor asked them to take the money and pay it forward. in the envelopes were either $10, $20 or $30.
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they were asked to pay it forward. >> we believe they will use it in a way that will benefit the entire neighborhood. >> church goers were told if they needed the money, to use it. nothing is more important than education. that's the message president bawl bam ands to -- barack obama plans to send. plus -- >> those two american hikers held in iran are free. that story is coming up.
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those two american hikers are back on u.s. soil after spending two years in iran. >> reporter: josh fattal and shane bauer had no kind words for the iranian go. government. the two said they were detained because they were americans. they were accused of being spies
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and sentenced to eight years in prison. sarah shourd was released last year. >> in prison we lived in a world of lies and false hope. from the very start, the only reason we had been held hostage is because we are americans. >> no evidence was ever present against us. that is because there is no evidence and because we are completely innocent. >> reporter: the men were taken to oman to begin their freedom. president barack obama plans to speak to students. the president's con verycation address will air wednesday on mtvu. the address will air aten in on
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wednesday. well, a portion of the cathedral street will remain closed indefinitely until the city repairs a drain. the water was noticed last month. when crews were working to fix it, they found the collapsed drain. the baltimore sun will start charging readers for online content. the newspaper began offering digital subscriptions effective october 10th. the paper said the website demonstrated that readers will come back regularly. digital subscribers will either pay $2.49 a week and there will be an introductory rate. there will be free access to 15
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pages each month. firefighters converged on a station after a small electrical fire broke out sunday night. the power was shut off. officials got everyone out of the station. there were no reports of injuries. tonight congress dutch ruppersberger will assist people. it's from 7 to 9 on harford road. you can meet with expert case workers. this will be his second event since the recession began. you can now return overdue books to the library this week and will not be charged late fees. it's called amnesty week. it's encouraging people to use the service. beginning tomorrow you can
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return them with without fines. an update on the two pigs roaming free in linthicum. animal control caught the pigs thursday night and still trying to capture the male pig who has been quite elusive. justin? i want to show you a brand-new view. i went to her mom's classroom last year. we raised a lot of money north school kids campaign. born at 6:35 last week. 7.5 ounces. look at those eyes already. that is gorgeous. i know megan is watching at home
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saying it's just a matter of time. bundled up. it's still warm and muggy at 69 degrees. fest fist, 30s and beyond up towards the northwest. that is wrapping around a very impressive storm. perhaps you watched some of the water spout video. this is similar to a weather pattern we had a couple weeks ago. that's what we've got. by the way more moisture trying to stream up, a semi tropical feature sending moisture our way. you won't really notice it today. same story tomorrow. the leading edge of the system starts moving through. wednesday afternoon we'll get a big chunk of heavy downpours and the cooler air, which is the same thing that happened.
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79 will be our guarantee today. there may be sun breaking out after the morning drizzle. areas of fog as we head into tonight. near 80 for the next few days. scattered storms thursday. this next weekend, highs mid-60s. north of and western suburbs could get frost. >> we are doing pretty well, not a bad morning commute, just dealing with wet roads. let's take a live look at our traffic cameras. this is the beltway. we have heavier traffic on the outer loop but no incidents in your way. we have an overturned vehicle reported northbound before benfield boulevard. nothing is affecting the traffic. just one car reportedly in a ditch, so you're okay in the travel lanes. it's been delayed years and
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cost bowing billions -- boeing. a piece of american history premieres in baltimore. we'll tell you who will be there. we're back in a bit. [ mom ] hey guys.
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monday, no immediate votes are expected. the council must study it. things could drag on for weeks, if not months. president obama continued his west coast spring. from there he will head to los angeles for two additionallal dnc fund-raising events. boeing will unveil the new skyliner. the hairkt will fly from everett
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washington to japan, tuesday. governor martin o'malley will take part in the premiere of "the war of 1812." it premerse nationally october 10th at 9:00 on pb spsmed. bge is holding two public forums seeking your thoughts on their response to00 irene -- hurricane irene. we'll have this information for you at she is seven months pregnant. police say she is not acting look a mom to be. no. we're not talking about megan. plus, one thing you have to worry about now that your kids are in school.
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we have to keep them away from scammers. plus, why you will not be able to see this christmas show. we're back in three minutes.
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a man with a knife tries to attack cops. two machine killed in front of a church. this morning a warning for you, how kids are targeted by scammers. we'll explain on

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